6 Best Apps to Increase Productivity for Android and iOS

  It’s easy to be deluged by the noise, distraction and confusion that the mobile world bring. Thankfully, apps geared to make people more efficient were invented to offer some relief. A little further in this blog, I’ll give you a selection of some of the best apps to increase productivity of users with Android […]

Top 11 Mobile Apps for Business

  Not since the launch of the iPhone does the world witnessed a whole new generation of people who probably spend more hours using their smartphones than loved ones or friends. Let’s take entrepreneurs as an example. Mobile apps are helpful and essential to get the work done fast and smart while you’re on the […]

6 Worst Myths That Haunt Mobile App Development Process

Mobile apps are the newest consumer darling in recent years as more and more people jump ship into the smartphone bandwagon and dump their feature phones. The opportunities for developers are vast that development agencies are scrambling to gobble up a spot in the global app market. But one challenge remain among developers – the […]