Top 11 Mobile Apps for Business


Not since the launch of the iPhone does the world witnessed a whole new generation of people who probably spend more hours using their smartphones than loved ones or friends. Let’s take entrepreneurs as an example. Mobile apps are helpful and essential to get the work done fast and smart while you’re on the go. Unsurprisingly, business people are using their iOS and Android devices to conduct their daily business while less and less on their laptops.

Moreover, mobile apps dedicated for gaming, entertainment and consumer fares receive the lion’s share of attention. Business apps, meanwhile, still enjoy a strong niche among business owners and entrepreneurs. All factors in – phenomenal growth and increasing demand for more innovation, included – mobile app development will continue to face even bigger challenges in the years to come in order to meet user needs without compromising quality and innovation.

For the meantime, enjoy our top 11 iOS and Android operating system mobile apps for business. If you’re asking how we came up with these picks, of course we scour the web for answers, starting with tech blogs. But we definitely give these apps a go because, first, they are most in demand among small business entrepreneurs. Second, their help is vital in managing daily work loads, meetings, and perhaps even beat deadlines.


Best Mobile Apps for Business


1. Dropbox

dropboxAvailable for both iOS and Android users, this mobile app should be an obvious choice.

If you are a business person who wants to share office docs with your team or business prospects, Dropbox can do a pretty good job for sharing files in the cloud.

While free, it offers packages depending on your required cloud space needs.

Mobile Downloads:

Dropbox for Android
Dropbox for iOS


2. LinkedIn

linkedinSimilar with Facebook, but this is the social network for professionals. This is one of the best mobile apps that can be downloaded free of charge.

With it installed into your iOS or Android handhelds, you can now stay up-to-date with your connections.

It also lets you share stories you are reading with your professional networks. When you need to get in touch with those in your address book, LinkedIn lets you synch your contacts.

Mobile Downloads:

LinkedIn for Android
LinkedIn for iOS


3. Evernote

evernoteWhat makes this a mobile app development marvel is what it allows you to do with text, photos and audio notes.

Evernote lets your iPad or iPhone notes become available on your Mac or Windows desktop through its autosynchronize feature. The “Favorites” features allows users to mark notes for quick access.

Mobile Downloads:

Evernote for Android
Evernote for iOS


4. Adobe Reader


Adobe Reader app lets you view and edit PDFs and this is especially essential when you toss office docs with your team in the cloud and collaborative effort is needed.

Add comments, bookmark and mark up docs to suit your needs.

With its ability to let you fill out simple form and digitally sign your docs, you simply get one of the top mobile apps in an increasingly paperless world.

Mobile Downloads:

Adobe Reader for Android
Adober Reader for iOS


5. Google Drive

google driveIt is another proof of a mobile app development genius at work in Google. It’s free, helpful and relevant. Everything, from what you’ve created using the app to what you’ve uploaded to Google’s cloud storage, this app allows you to access the entire content of your Drive whether online or offline.

You can share your Docs with other people using the mobile app and even collaborate on content in real time. Chat feature is also available.

Mobile Downloads:

Google Drive for Android
Google Drive for iOS


6. Documents to Go

documents to goVery essential to the business minded, this mobile app lets you write that memo for your colleagues, business plan, and even inventory of deliverables of your next project. Not only Documents to Go app lets you create Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Powerpoint-compatible files using your smartphone, you can edit your work.

Viewing of pDF files is also possible with this mobile application. Business users think of this office suite app as one of the best of its kind.

Mobile Download:

Documents to Go for Android
Documents to Go for iOS


7. Skype

skypeIn a globalizing world, territorial barriers are broken. Thanks to the advancements in technology. Now, Skype is one of those tools that businesses today with global presence use massively for their own good.

Many entrepreneurs acknowledge the help that Skype allows them to perform, such as managing remote workers and freelancers. Now available in mobile phones, Skype makes feedback exchange faster when workers managing or completing a project are located in wide distances.

Mobile Downloads:

Skype for Android
Skype for iOS


8. Asana

asanaThe mobile and desktop versions of the application is credited for its help in transforming the way business are conducted. A work collaboration tool, Asana connects staff from the technology and design department with the sales team.

It is seamless, dynamic and at the same time soft in its approach to make everyone involved in a project feel accountable to others and themselves. The mobile app also helps in keeping all involved aware of which deliverables and tasks to prioritize and what to organize.

Mobile Downloads:

Asana for Android
Asana for iOS


9. Foursquare

four squareThe big advantage of using Foursquare mobile app is what it allows workers and business partners do: connections during industry events or where an event is unfolding. There is a points system for “checking in” at location and users can share in their social networks these check-ins.

The recommendation or “Tips” feature is another useful feature of this mobile app development, suggesting which restaurant or hotel in the area offers valuable services or discounts.

Mobile Downloads:

Foursquare for Android
Foursquare for iOS


10. Google Translate

google translateOne of the most popular mobile app development products from Google is its translation app tool. Increasingly, it is almost human-like in providing translation results.

Use this mobile app when traveling internationally and you are required to communicate in the local language. From Spanish to Haitian Creole, Google Translate provides remarkable feat with more than 50 different languages.

Mobile Downloads:

Google Translate for Android
Google Translate for iOS


11. Contactually

contactuallyFinally, if your kind of business concerns relationships, here is an app that lets you follow up with leads.

Contactually boasts of impeccable mobile app development that ensures making introductions and keeping engagement alive with your new and important business contacts.

Dubbed as a Professional Relationship Management app, Contactually is presently available to iOS users for free.


Mobile Downloads:

Contactually for Android (available soon)
Contactually for iOS


Wrapping up

So that’s it, folks! Believe it or not, these 11 mobile app development tools are just a sampling of what this smart phone revolution has brought us.

Proving their relevance among many of the society’s young and established business people, mobile apps for iOS and Android devices not only made making business smart but also icy cool.




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