6 Best Apps to Increase Productivity for Android and iOS


It’s easy to be deluged by the noise, distraction and confusion that the mobile world bring. Thankfully, apps geared to make people more efficient were invented to offer some relief. A little further in this blog, I’ll give you a selection of some of the best apps to increase productivity of users with Android or iOS-powered smartphones.

In a lot of sense, we’re definitely entering a new digital milestone.In no less time we’ll witness how mobile device usage will overthrow desktop usage. If you’ll ComScore,they’ll give you the answer when.

On what mobile users are making use of their devices, meanwhile, a research from Flurry showed that gaming app will continue to gobble up mobile users’ time.Productivity apps, however, only account for a mere 4% of time spent on iOS and Android-powered devices.


Apps vs. Applications


While sharing the first three letters, apps are a different beast compared to applications. You call an app an app only to digital tools with one-off capabilities. Apps, for example, can help unlock your car, manage to-do lists, schedule social media posts, and more of the like.

Applications, on the other hand, offer more capabilities that allow users to do real, productive work using their mobile and tablet devices. Applications have a full-fledged, multi-faceted tool features set.Applications for mobile make you feel like working using standard computers.

With thousands upon thousands of solutions out in the market today, we combed through a sea of options to bring you some of the best productivity apps for Android and iOS to help you get even the simplest of things accomplished.


Check out below our listing of some of the best apps for Android and productivity apps for iOS for maximum business productivity:


Microsoft Office Mobile

microsoft officeWhile Microsoft Office for Android devices has been around for a little while, the app has made a belated appearance over the Apple App Store to cater to iOS device users. This was a welcome move that Microsoft cloud services users feel happy about having the means to access their documents anytime, anywhere.

Documents that you viewed using your PC will be available on the Microsoft OneDrive cloud, apart from your other collections that are already available over there and its siblings like OneDrive for Business and Share Point.

While this app is perfect for making documents using Word, Excel and PowerPoint, the Microsoft Office Mobile, it also allows you to read documents on your desktop computer or tablet where you left off. Google’s Quick office now gets a competition in terms of features and capabilities.


Download Microsoft Office Mobile at Google Play

Download Microsoft Office Mobile at iTunes


focus at willfocus@will

Finding the focus you need while completing a very difficult task is difficult to achieve these days. The app focus@will, which streams scientifically-curated music, helps a lot in boosting concentration.

It says on its website, the focus@will team worked with neuroscientists at UCLA to understand how music, which types of songs, playlists and genres, actually help people become more productive.

Songs san vocals or saxophones were carefully selected and playlists are curated to ensure that people actually get into the flow of working without distractions. The app offers its services for free for up to 60 minutes while premium accounts cost a mere $4 per month or $35 annually. This app is available for both iOS and Android mobile platforms.


Download focus@will at Google Play

Download focus@will at iTunes


Google Now

google nowGoogle Now is a business productivity virtual assistant app that’s obviously made exclusively for Android platforms. You’ll be surprised by the genius of this app for its ability to mine data and tie it out of your current activities.

It displays information in cards and learns more about your preferences based on which cards you choose to be most relevant. Restaurant suggestions, what TV shows to watch or even airport routes free of traffic jams are just a few of the things it can offer you.

Google Now is usually pre-installed in most Android devices and free of course.


Download Google Now at Google Play

Download Google Now at iTunes



bufferMarketers who maintains social media presence of their brands can find great use to this very efficient social media management business productivity app. Comparison with Hootsuite ends where Buffer is only focused on publishing content and not about managing various feeds.

Among its useful features include automatic URL shrinking and a smartly-designed scheduling interface. Individual use of Buffer costs nothing but enterprise users can opt to get a premium account that starts at $10 per month. Buffer is available for both Android and iOS platforms.


Download Buffer at Google Play

Download Buffer at iTunes



dueSometimes, all you need is someone poking or reminding you what to do first in your long list of tasks to do in a day. Yes, they can be pretty annoying and irritating, but come on, you need to be organized and systematic. For now, this productivity app is available for iOS for as little as $4.99, but it will keep you reminded of isolated tasks you keep forgetting.

Due lets users set a reminder to every minute or every hour. A quick access button allows you to add few more minutes or hours to complete your tasks and beat your deadline. Very intuitive and easy to use.


Download Due at iTunes


Final Thoughts


Business productivity apps are unique addition to not only help you accomplish more as you regain focus and concentration. They also help you achieve more efficiency, which in a lot of ways can help you pile more savings.

However, it’s not also worth mentioning that mobile productivity apps, in a lot of sense, have their own set of limitations. Editing your spreadsheet on an iPhone is one example. It’s not only a nightmare to be editing documents using some apps on your mobile, there’s the clunky keyboard and small screen size to deal with.

But it’s not fair to avoid using mobile apps entirely because developments are progressing forward. I am just citing some realities that need mentioning here, to arrive at the moral of our blog: to be more discerning when selecting the right app for your need, especially before splurging some dollars when purchasing some business productivity apps.

Choosing the best apps to increase productivity start with an open mind. Seek out recommendations from friends or colleagues who are already using apps. https://staging.bigoutsource.com/blog/best-apps-to-increase-productivity-android-ios/Then ask them for which apps are making them more productive, most frequently using, spend their time most of the time, and most happy. Finally, the apps that receive the most positive feedback from those people you asked might be a good bet.