Our Hiring Process

Get an overview of our hiring process and how we ensure quality hires.

Your Comprehensive Talent Solution

We are not merely an outsourcing company; consider us your integrated talent acquisition, training, and management partner. Our hiring practices are designed to be your competitive advantage in sourcing professionals who are adept at driving growth.

How We Attract Top Talent

Competitive Compensation

Our Human Resources department conducts annual market surveys to ensure our compensation packages are compelling.

Employee Referral Program

Our existing employees often refer high-quality candidates, effectively enriching our talent pool.

Strategic Partnerships

We collaborate with top job boards and employ traditional print advertising to widen our search.

Our Recruitment Process Outlined

Requirements Analysis

Clients provide us with detailed job descriptions, qualifications, and desired skills.

Talent Search

We tap into our existing talent pool and advertise on partner job boards for maximum visibility.

Shortlisting and Evaluation

Candidates are shortlisted and subjected to interviews and skills tests, the results of which are shared with you.

In-Depth Interviews

We conduct a rigorous interview focusing solely on skills and capabilities. Compensation and benefits are discussed at a later stage.

Final Selection

You make the ultimate decision on who joins your team.


From contractual obligations to codes of conduct, we ensure your new hire is well-prepared for their role.


The newly hired professional begins their role, contributing to your team under the Big Outsource banner.

Our focus extends beyond merely filling positions

We aim to add substantive value to your organization. To discuss how we can assist you in future-proofing your workforce, please feel free to contact us.