Legal Services

Navigate complexities with confidence through comprehensive legal services.

We’re not just another outsourcing service; consider us an extension of your in-house team, dedicated to propelling your legal practice to new levels of excellence. With our suite of specialized offerings, we take care of the details so you can zero in on what’s truly important: delivering top-notch service to your clients and winning cases.

What We Offer

Virtual Assistance

Emails & meetings, handled.

Customer Service

Happy clients, period.

Legal Transcription

Courtroom-ready docs, always.

Social Media

Engaging, not just posting.

Data Entry & Analysis

Beyond numbers, insights.

Web Design

Attract clients effortlessly.

What's In It For You?



Solutions that know the law and help you shine. Our team is trained in legal terminology and compliance, ensuring that you get the expert help you deserve.


Flex & Scale

Your growth is our mission, we scale with you. Whether you're a solo practitioner or part of a bustling law firm, we offer customized solutions designed to fit your unique needs.


Confidentiality Guaranteed

We prioritize your privacy, ensuring that all communications and documents are secure, so you can focus on winning cases, not worrying about data.

Eager for wins in the courtroom? Consider Big Outsource your behind-the-scenes ally for smooth operations and outstanding client relationships.

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What Our Clients Say

They always deliver on time with no issues at all. Their commitment to employee welfare creates a familial atmosphere, aligning perfectly with our small company values.

Sam Hinchey Operations Manager

We've been collaborating with Big Outsource for a while now, and our partnership brings us immense joy! The team's professionalism and warmth are exceptional.

Alexandra Ittu Senior VA

We highly recommend Big Outsource's services. Their cost-effective solutions, excellent customer service, and responsive leadership have proven to be dependable and fully understanding.

Annika Stanley Practice Administrator

We are absolutely thrilled with the Big Outsource team and genuinely cherish our collaboration with them! They truly are unparalleled and the absolute best!

Erin McCarthy Customer Success Manager

I strongly recommend Big Outsource. Their consistent delivery of high-quality support and services showcases their professionalism, expertise, and true dedication to client success.

Gaurav Katyal CEO

Why the Philippines?

Discover the strategic advantages of outsourcing to the Philippines—a hub of robust tech infrastructure, diverse talent, and compelling cost efficiencies, backed by significant government incentives. Renowned for its cultural affinity with the West, mastery of English, and highly skilled workforce, the Philippines stands out as an optimal location for enhancing your business’s operational capabilities and global competitiveness.