Frequently Asked Questions

Quickly find answers in our FAQs for a smooth experience with Big Outsource.

Technically, you can outsource almost any business process or functions to keep your business up and running. Outsourcing some of your business activities are often helpful to save on cost and help you focus on other areas of your business. Right now, however, here are a few that you can outsource through us – web design, web development, front-end development, mobile application development, graphic design, Flash and 3D animation, copywriting, data entry, transcribing, call center support, and more.

For the time being, you might want to make a list of things which you think your business can do and do without or let others do for you. But we’d advice you to talk to us directly or send to us your requirements to help you determine which processes of your business or project you can outsource through Big Outsource.

The most frequently asked of almost all questions about outsourcing and the most difficult to give an exact figure how much it will cost to outsource through Big Outsource. But we can help you get an idea.

First, know that every business has a different set of requirements and business goals, even the processes that are currently part of an operation. In fact, costs associated with outsourcing may prove different from one company against others whose size, shape and composition may vary. It is also hardly remote to expect every firm to use the same services, require the same tasks and even need the same level of expertise or professional help when outsourcing. Hence a fixed price set for outsourcing is impossible.

Outsourcing through Big Outsource offers you various costing options, which may depend based on the type of work or project completed and the level of expertise of the virtual staff to be contracted for a particular function. Depending on your requirements, you can opt for just one of the services or both of the following:

  • Hourly – Here, you will be charged in an hourly rate for the service of our virtual services.
  • Set Fee – We will bill you a set fee for work performed, and this is often applied to specialized services like web design, graphic work, and more.

For each virtual staff that you will hire through us, you will be charged a fixed monthly fee based on the staff skills and expertise you require. All virtual staff fee will cover all the costs relative to employee wages, benefits and remuneration packages, leaves and even health benefits. We also bundle in this fee costs associated with office space, computer equipments, and management.

So, before you begin to outsource anything, you will need to determine how much you can afford to pay and what functions you are outsourcing.

Since most of our transactions are done in advance, after we talk we immediately go over your required skills and qualifications to allow us prepare a job advertisement. We either post the job ad through online and print job bulletin boards. We also seek recommendations from our internal staff about the job opening. We even give out referral rewards to fast-track our search for the righful candidate for you.

No. There is no minimum or maximum number of staff that you can hire via Big Outsource. In fact, you can get even just one virtual staff to work for whatsoever function you’d want to outsource.

Like you are, we are deeply concerned with the privacy and confidentiality of our client’s data that’s we ensure our policies about intellectual property and confidentiality are very stringent.

First, we practice what we preach through the guidelines we setforth for everyone to follow. All client data are sacred and confidential. So to provide all the necessary security, our background checks on our employees are strict. We require staff working with us to sign a contract, in a form of a pledge, stating their adherence to our company-wide policies regarding data confidentiality of our clients. In signing the pledge, employees are asked to agree on the clause that indicate explicitly that all the work they will create for clients are to be treated as exclusive property of the same.

Our employees are also oriented that not all premises within the office, especially our computer systems and data backup media, can be made accessible to all. We have also implemented measures that will ensure our working environemnt is highly secure, including the setup of managed Internet connectivity, VPN or virtual private network access, data leak protection protocols, and others.

We also make sure that all waste paper are shred. You’ll also notice that since we are an outsourcing service outside of your country, we are automatically outside the pantry or “water cooler gossip” loop, which increases that stake that your confidentiality is protected.

Another of the most frequently asked questions is how you’ll pay for the services of your virtual staff or a project being developed through Big Outsource. Often, we require our clients to pay either through credit card or through wire transfer. We also have a Paypal account that you can use to course through your payment to us.

There remains some issues and concerns that some who are against this business model are using to lobby against the perceived negative consequences of outsourcing.

Outsourcing is not a special business process that just because you pay others to do the work for you, all you have to do is sit down and wait until your outsourcing investment reap the benefits for you.

Outsourcing gives your company access to cheaper virtual talent who will do the job or function for you at only a fraction of the cost you’ll have to pay for a staff from your home country. Plus, when you outsource through Big Outsource, we make sure that you’ll work with the best virtual talent around and share the competencies and expertise of their foreign counterparts.

Hiring a virtual staff with us is cost-effective. Your savings out of your staffing costs can then be converted or diverted into other operational requirements of your business. Plus, outsourcing allows you to focus on your core business functions, which can be helpful in the long run, profitably.

In such cases, outsourcing will give you competitive advantage over your competitors in the industry. However, simply outsourcing because you thought of it only after hearing all the talks and the bandwagon around outsourcing, outsourcing might just fail you. Remember that planning is critical when seeking for outsourcing services. With proper planning, your business can reap much of the benefits of this model’s effectivity and avoid just joining the bandwagon for no compelling reason at all..

Definitely not. Apart from the fact that you make the decisions, it’s your own business to manage. We can, however, provide you with the specialists to assist you and provide you with enough information that you need in order to make decisions. The truth is, you will actually have an increased control over your staff through Big Outsource because we will even support you in finding, recruiting, even training and equipping members of your virtual team.

With regard to the virtual staff that you will hire through us, we will all be here to support your daily, routinary business communications with your staff member. We will provide the computer equipments and a desk phone. You can either use Skype or other video conferencing platforms to engage your virtual staff via a video conference. With the desk phone, you can reach your staff by dialing a local number that we will provide for this purpose. You will notice that through our setup, it is you and only you who can give your virtual talent his or her daily tasking. Your virtual staff will only get directions from you on how they will perform their duties and responsibilities pertaining to your business.