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Industry Expertise

Our team has extensive experience in the legal industry, understanding the specific needs and requirements of legal firms.

Quality Candidates

We rigorously screen and select candidates to ensure they meet the high standards of your firm.

Customized Solutions

Our staffing solutions are tailored to meet your unique requirements, ensuring you get the right fit for your team.

Efficiency and Speed

We leverage advanced technology and a robust network to fill positions quickly without compromising on quality.

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Roles that are
Helping the Most

A survey by the American Bar Association (ABA) indicates that 68% of lawyers believe outsourcing administrative tasks has allowed them to focus more on strategic and high-value legal work.”

Transforming legal Practices with Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO)

Gain in-depth insights into the benefits, services, and future trends of Legal Process Outsourcing. Our comprehensive white paper provides valuable information to help your firm make informed decisions about leveraging LPO to enhance your practice.

Our Proven Staffing Process


We start with a comprehensive consultation to understand your firm’s specific needs and goals

Talent Sourcing

Utilizing our extensive network and advanced recruitment tools, we source highly qualified candidates.

Screening and Selection

Our rigorous screening process ensures we present only the best candidates for your consideration.


We assist with the onboarding process and provide ongoing support to ensure a successful placement.

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What Our Clients Say

They always deliver on time with no issues at all. Their commitment to employee welfare creates a familial atmosphere, aligning perfectly with our small company values.

Sam Hinchey Operations Manager

We've been collaborating with Big Outsource for a while now, and our partnership brings us immense joy! The team's professionalism and warmth are exceptional.

Alexandra Ittu Senior VA

We highly recommend Big Outsource's services. Their cost-effective solutions, excellent customer service, and responsive leadership have proven to be dependable and fully understanding.

Annika Stanley Practice Administrator

We are absolutely thrilled with the Big Outsource team and genuinely cherish our collaboration with them! They truly are unparalleled and the absolute best!

Erin McCarthy Customer Success Manager

I strongly recommend Big Outsource. Their consistent delivery of high-quality support and services showcases their professionalism, expertise, and true dedication to client success.

Gaurav Katyal CEO

About Big Outsource

Founded in 2014, Big Outsource has grown from a small team to a robust organization with over 500 employees, serving clients worldwide. Our mission is to build exceptional business solutions that advance our clients’ growth, empower our people, and impact our community positively. Our vision is to be a global leader in providing sustainable business solutions through empowering excellence and advocating client experience.

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