6 Worst Myths That Haunt Mobile App Development Process

Mobile apps are the newest consumer darling in recent years as more and more people jump ship into the smartphone bandwagon and dump their feature phones. The opportunities for developers are vast that development agencies are scrambling to gobble up a spot in the global app market.

But one challenge remain among developers – the mobile app development process must be fast but playing catch up is never easy with the constant launch of new and more sophisticated smart phones that are packed with new features and functions.

Some other things, mobile app development process is very delicate simply because there are too many misconceptions that go along the process. In turn, it is simply faster to make mistakes while developing a new mobile app that could imperil your business.

For the new and even pioneer developers, the gap in learning how to make apps must be filled with the right grasp and understanding of the common issues that come along with app development. This article will tell you how to deal with these misconceptions and myths, including ways to respond to these challenges.


Myth No. 1: You Need to Know Everything Up Front

Coming up with a mobile app and getting it done will not require you to have a high doctorate degree in mobile app development process. You should also not get intimidated nor confused if you feel your skill sets are not current.

All it takes for your smart mobile app ideas to take off is by finding the right mobile developers whose creative and imaginative capabilities can come handy in helping you figure out a solution for your requirements and features. With a strategic mobile app partner, you will have someone to help you meet your needs and requirements while keeping the process of your project running smoothly as you go.


Myth No. 2: Developing an App Doesn’t Take Very Long

As in web and desktop applications, the complexity of your mobile app can determine the speed of completing your project. If your app is simple with few functions and features, a week or two may be the time it need to develop your mobile app and you can simply tap a freelance and professional mobile app developer for help.

In average, however, a full mobile app may take around 6-12 weeks to fully develop starting from creation and development to testing and completion. Some complex requirements may include the full integration of gamification and social media and such may take far longer time to accomplish.

Hiring a professional mobile app development company with full service offering can help with your requirements and a realistic time frame for the whole mobile app development process to end.


Myth No. 3: Mobile App is Cheap to Develop

The cost of a mobile app is relative to your requirements. So it is easier to provide a price estimate if your app is simple. So the more feature, functionalities and integration you require, the more that the cost of your mobile app will surely stack up.

You must also consider that some mobile development companies offer different rates for their services. If your development company is an offshore firm in Manila, you can be sure the service amount they’ll charge you is far far cheaper than it would take you when you hire a local professional development firm in Australia.

You can get the best price if you will conduct your research as thoroughly and carefully as possible. Talk with your app developer to clarify with them how much every new feature added will cost your whole mobile app development process.


Myth No. 4: Once My App is Built, it’s Done

It’s a big, utter misconception to think that the process involved in developing your mobile app is over once it’s built. Don’t forget your mobile app still have to go through various tests and get bugs fixed or tweaked.

It is always your goal to ensure that your app is completed at its most superior potential, without leaving any stone unturned as the saying goes. Subject your app to go though multiple testing before going live or launching it for public beta.


Myth No. 5: App are for Smartphones Only

You must stop thinking that mobile apps are only geared for your smart phones It’s plain and simply not knowing your market. Yes, the smartphone market is booming and its growth will continue to outpace desktop devices.

But don’t forget that along with smart phones, other handheld devices like tablets and wearable devices are emerging at a rapid pace. In the coming weeks, Samsung might bring out the first ever smart watch and Apple is long-rumored with its contribution in the wearable devices space.

What are we driving at? New technologies are emerging everyday. It doesn’t matter now whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, Google glass or smart watches that will need mobile applications to run these devices. What these devices play in business are plenty and they have their own idiosyncrasies when it comes to mobile app development process.

Remember that the bigger challenge is still out there. Always ask how far can you go to ride out the competition?


Myth No. 6: Mobile App When Built is Already its Own Marketing

Another phase that’s part of the mobile app development process is marketing and promotion. Deal with it as soon as you possibly can to be noticed against the ocean of more than 50 Billion apps in the App Store alone. In this regard, it will help to prop up an effective marketing and promotions strategy with your mobile development partner.

You can do this phase at a time while the mobile app is not yet released. Get the help of your consultant in choosing which category the app should be placed and how it will be promoted. Wait until your mobile app gets listed in the proper app store and completely analyzed before bringing out a marketing blitz and press release to your friends in the media.

If your app is not yet released in the app store and your users are already hyped about your mobile app development, chances are they’ll harbor bad feelings against you to the point that these customers may really end up not returning to your page like forever.


Final Words

At Big Outsource, we want the best for you, especially when it comes to mobile app development process. Our professional and competent mobile app developers are among the very best, high value talent you’ll ever find from Manila and around the Philippines.

Developing mobile apps are simply one development service that Filipinos excel at globally and qualities are never compromised.