10 Tips on How to Hire an Effective SEO Agency in the Philippines

Optimizing brands for search engines can be very tough and costly because there are just too many websites and blogs competing for the same or similar keywords. While attempting to do it themselves can be pretty helpful initially, however it is by hiring an SEO expert where businesses can reap strong return on investment in the long run. One of the best options available is by outsourcing to offshore agencies like SEO Philippines based marketing agencies.

When you outsource, you pick out a company to hire either locally or remotely to other companies based in other countries. An outsourcing firm which offers a range of services from search engine optimization (SEO) to other digital marketing works, will then perform the tasks in behalf of their clients.

Outsourcing is said to be a very reliable and dependable business strategy that comes with tons of benefits, such as saving on cost, boosting productivity, and improving efficiency. There’s also a strong sign showing an uptrend in the sector. Apparently it seems, the growth in this industry is not bent on retiring anytime in the next couple of years. Following this, SEO companies are also growing in numbers.

With many a great number of companies now considering outsourcing SEO – who can help them fulfill their business objectives – looking for the best ones can be very difficult and challenging. In fact, the selection of the best and right SEO company must pass through careful and meticulous scrutiny.

Obviously there are pretty big advantages to hiring the right SEO agency. And among these business owners, a critical question concerns affordability and productivity. While international companies might typically appear better, outsourcing SEO in the Philippines can pretty offer some advantages.


Benefits of Hiring the Right SEO Company


Choosing the right SEO company can help get your company reach the top of the search page results for your keywords. It’s important to be visible right on the first page since most searchers do not usually go beyond the first page. Bigger traffic and more profits pour in once your preferred keywords are immediately seen in the first few pages of the search engine.

In more ways than one, here are some particular benefits of finding your right SEO Philippines based agency. Especially with the right ones, they’ll of course, ensure that your business enjoys the following advantages:

 promote your site

Targeted traffic

When embarking on an SEO campaign, it should be pointed out that it’s going to end up useless when your target market is not reached. Even if you amass hundred visitors everyday if they are not your intended audience, how can you expect them to spend and purchase available products or services from your site?


Well-Made Website

The services commonly offered by SEO companies is setting up websites to be search engine friendly. These aspects are pretty much a major concern for SEO experts because search engines view web design layout and the aspects of usability.


Cost Effective

It’s a known fact that promoting your brand or business through advertising in mainstream radio or television channels can be pretty helpful but very very expensive. With the use of SEO best practices, you can reach more, perhaps in millions, and influence them to shop online using your website.


Highly-Trained and Experienced SEO Experts

Filipinos are among the most tech-savvy people in the world today and it’s no wonder that the Philippines has emerged as an IT outsourcing hub in recent years. That there are tons of highly-trained and specialized technologist in the country, including SEO experts, can be explained by the serious focus on teaching English and technology by local academic curriculum from elementary to college. When combined, these factors make outsourcing SEO in the Philippines quite a very compelling option.


Using SEO Best Practices

The best ones will be able to explain to you the techniques they adopt when implementing SEO tactics. The right ones shun black hat SEO techniques and focus on ethical search marketing practices. The expert SEO workers are not only qualified but they are fully trained to avoid the illegal practices of short cuts and spamming that may only yield temporary spikes in search results.

But the end of illegal SEO practices are nothing but shame and penalties from Google. By outsourcing SEO in the Philippines, rest assured that the right ones will provide you with quality analytics, strategy and implementation.


Tips When Hiring SEO Company in the Philippines


After understanding what benefits SEO can give your business, the next step is learning the ropes of selecting and hiring the best SEO company:

Brand promotion



1Avoid SEO company reviews. Such top lists will never give you the best partner in your SEO efforts so don’t rely on them unless the reviewer giving out the list is an authority and credible. Be wary of these elaborate marketing tactics because they are simply designed to make you trust a company overnight. Don’t worry, you can still use the top lists for your independent research.


2Learn about SEO practices. It’s important that you have an inkling about the practices of SEO, particularly the good and bad way to make your keywords rank. By learning some crucial information, you can then inquire and ask your prospective SEO companies about their approaches and how legible their techniques in yielding positive results. You can also attempt to ask for specifics of their services, so you are not caught by surprise when billing


3 Know the sources of back links. As a customer, it’s your right to know where the back links that the SEO company provides you are coming from. These links your provider get for you should be those from reputable sources. Using farm links is one typical black hat SEO techniques that for love of instant success some run-of-the-mill SEO agencies are resorting to, but there’s a boomerang effect in the long run, dragging their clients’ reputation down due to penalties of Google. Keep in mind that it’s the quality over quantity that matters in back links.


4Keywords. Ask the service provider of the keywords they gun for and ask how they rank for those. The SEO company should be able to rank in their chosen keywords because that’s a pretty good benchmark to see if they’re doing their homework or good at delivery outsourced SEO services.


5Page rank of SEO agency. Around 4 or 5 is fine and if they’re lower than that, these agencies are not worth giving your attention and of course money. If even their company they can’t make to rank, how much more their client’s.


6Talk with company representative. After conducting your research of your chosen shot list, start talking with a company representative from each SEO company in your list. An intimate and face-to-face meeting can give you ample opportunities to assess the company, their background, their approaches and sources of back links. You can also inquire if their using SEO best practices to make keywords rank.


7Ask for reference. Once you visit the SEO agency or talk with them online, gather a list of references or a list of clients who are outsourcing SEO services to your shortlisted search marketing agencies. This is another method that you can use in assessing the reputation, performance, techniques of the SEO company and the results of the outsourced SEO services.


8Expertise in handling niche accounts. You might be a business that belong to a niche market and it’s important that you ask your prospective provider their experience in handling niche-related projects. The SEO company should be able to give you a confident answer about your inquiries.


9Tricky Guarantees. While you and your SEO provider should be able to discuss the keywords that you’re going to use, but quickly spot when your prospective SEO provider is over-promising. The best first step always include a healthy assessment of your situation and to never believe any promise of giving you the number one spot when it comes to SEO.


10Updates. Be very sure about how much your service provider knows about trends and updates in using SEO best practices. There is just too many relevant updates in search marketing and social media marketing that it’s becoming very challenging to cope. But outsourcing to an SEO company based in the Philippines can give you something that’s ahead of others.


These ten are but few of the the hiring tips when looking for SEO Philippines based agencies. Apply what’s applicable to your search for the right outsourcing partner and be one of the most profitable in terms of sales and income from new leads that your optimized keywords achieve.