Essential and Basic Components of A Good Landing Page

Designing the perfect landing page is often critical to achieving higher conversion rates. Here’s why it is a must to understand the basic components of a good landing page.

Then, I will show you some of the most important landing page basics and best practices when leveraging search marketing for your company or brand.


The Psychology of Online Buying


Consumers begin their buying process with search. And research shows that 93% of business-to-business buyers start their shopping process by searching the items they wish to avail using Google or any search engine that they prefer to use.

With a landing page, the goal then for marketers is to educate buyers about their brand. This is highly critical early phase of the buying process that’s why it’s important to create the best first impression.

It’s also of great value that prospects begin to look at you as a trusted advisor, one who can be trusted and count on to resolve issues during their buying process.

The landing page experience must feel seamlessly tied with a particular need and the answer will be provided by you, whether that valuable offer is an e-book or whitepaper.

No amount of careful planning and efficient execution can be wrong when you leverage your landing page. No time must be wasted making your prospects believe that you’re their trusted advisor and lifesaver from start to finish of your prospect’s web visit.

Here for example is your chance to convince your customer to leave with their personal details to you but they must first trust you. If your landing page is effective, your visitor would become one of your most loyal advocate and supporter.


Landing Page vs. Homepage


It is worth every marketer’s time to clarify the difference between a landing page and a homepage.

Of course with a homepage, there is the inherent idea that a visitor already knows you, have learned a couple things about your brand or name, and more of the likes.

Meanwhile, a landing page visitor may not actually know anything about you, save for the link to your page.There is the possibility too that they’ve obtained or have received your link from a newsletter, which may even be a third party source.

In other words,a landing page is simply a page out of your website that’s specifically designed to capture your prospects’ information.

Since visitors are still unfamiliar with what you do or offer, they often need to be convinced, educated and made aware of your value props.

A landing page is aimed at getting information from visitors. Much more than that, it is an effective landing page that will ensure customer engagement with your brand out of your promotion and exclusive offers.


Why Landing Pages Matter?


Your visitor must be your primary reason why you’re optimizing your landing page.

Your visitor need as much information and details about whom they’re dealing with and it’s your chance to convince them that you’re that someone who can provide the answers to their needs.

Google must be your second biggest reason why you need a high converting landing page. At least in the marketing world, nobody ever dare ignore the search giant.

Getting the nods of Google opens a lot of opportunity for any business who view their online presence critical to driving sales. Once achieved, you’ll get better ranking and more clicks in your landing page.

When you do not optimize landing page, there’s greater chance you’ll see your conversion rates fall off the page rankings and as a result, only get few clicks.Here’s why it’s important to invest to search marketing, and optimize landing page experience.

Moreover, there’s competition to deal with. Unless you think you’re still living in the primitive ages, you’ll find no need for the insights of this blog.


How to Achieve High Quality Landing Pages


To really, really stand out, bringing out a landing page alone will not take your farther in the race. So before you plan what will generate a truly effective “landing page experience” – something that Google wants you to achieve –you must understand a couple things.

An arsenal of relevant content, keyword, and ad that are relevant to one another are important elements to incorporate in your landing page. When you take pains to optimize a landing page, you can reap results.


Essential Components of a Good Landing Page


Effective landing pages are comprised of different basic components to be good. Specific design rules must be followed to ensure the maximum level of engagement from your visitors.

Here are the essential approaches to deliver a good landing page:


An offer so valuable it’s irresistible.This may seem plain and obvious but an incentive with value can go a long way in convincing your visitor to voluntarily give you his details.

But since what is regarded as valuable may vary per visitor, it pays to carefully plan what offer you will give a particular visitor or what will appeal to your intended prospect.

Carefully choose the incentive you will give.Is it a technical trade whitepaper? Would a content marketing case study appeal to your set of customers?


Content with high superior quality. Quality is simply irreplaceable a requirement when dealing with landing page optimization. Convincing your visitor to share his personal details may be first base success, however, continued engagement is an extra challenge.

There are certain steps to take in order to exceed customer expectations every time you send a whitepaper or e-book. But above anything else, it’s quality that matters every time you produce your resources.

To achieve quality, make sure you use your grammar and syntax correctly, proofread your text for misspelled words or clumsy phrasing.

There’s no way your conversion rates will be not affected or damaged if you deliver cheap and mediocre resources.Don’t make visitors feel cheated. Address this landing page basics and ensure that you’re always delivering excellent, if not the perfect, side of your business.


Require minimal information from your visitors. Make sure you’re only asking minimal information. Asking so much personal information from your visitor will simply scare the hell of him.

Let’s do the math here. Give your visitors a form that require much of their personal information and see what happens.Just like other people, you’ll definitely skip the trouble of completing such form, right?

When you give a less desirable incentive,it’s hell of a challenge to obtain beyond your visitor’s name and email.


Killer Headline and Ad Copy. Keep in mind, you need a headline to stand out. But your headline need to be a killer.

An excellent headline always is and has always been proven effective in grabbing people’s attention, and convince them to pay attention to your proposition through leaving you with their details.

In addition, make sure your headline and ad copy share a unified theme in order for these parts to compliment each other’s purpose. Consider also the length of your headline and your approach. Punchy and clear page headlines and ad copy often deliver.


Call-to-Action Must be Strong. Once you get your visitor to visit your landing page, a strong call to action is vital to make them know what you’ll ask them to do next.

Use words that immediately spell out what your visitor must do next. Be careful with your word choices so as to create impact and create impression that you trust your offer. “Download now – Free” is an example of an effective call to action text.


Testimonials. The positive words of what other people think of you and your product can help create an image of trust and solid reputation. When you incorporate testimonials in your landing page, it helps build confidence in the eyes of your visitor.

People share more details about themselves if they are convinced about the relevance of the incentive and offer to their lives. Plus, if you will add testimonials that they can relate to and prove themselves later on.


Images and Videos that Relate to Copy. Here is why it’s critical to adopt a unified theme when you optimize landing page content. Use only videos or images that complement your crisp and engaging copy.

Images and videos do have a big role in reinforcing your message. Include video testimonials or a guided tour to demonstrate your product using an infographics notice that visual images help push your visitor to look further into your product.


Conduct Landing Page Testing. Testing is crucial when embarking on a landing page optimization. One reason is that the combination of your headline, call to action, ad copy, images and videos sometimes create a different emotional impact to your audience.

Testing also helps you determine which of your version of an optimized landing page resonates the most to your intended visitor. Run A/B test, change copy, select images, do these things until you’re convinced that your landing page optimization is effective.


Minimize the Links. Always remember that you’re doing a landing page and not a homepage, which means the experience must be focused to one thing – getting your visitor’s personal details before they leave your page.


In a landing page, your visitor must pay attention to your offer and if you place couple links, chances that he’ll get distracted are great. Always strive for simplicity when creating your landing page.

The last thing to remember about completing the basic components of a good landing page: no visitor should feel deceived, betrayed once they leave their information to you. Make them realize that it’s risk-free to share personal details to you.