How Does Hiring A Virtual Assistant Leads to Maximum Productivity

One of the common reasons why entrepreneurs hire virtual assistant is to get more clients. Rarely or it is an often-neglected reason that businessmen outsource to get more works done faster. Thinking more deeply, increased productivity means more clients, and more clients can lead to more profit. Here’s why. When entrepreneurs have more time to […]

How to Communicate Effectively With A Virtual Assistant

Just imagine how working well with your virtual assistant would benefit you: getting more things done, return on outsourcing investing, and more. Doing the contrary, like disregarding all the vital approaches to managing your virtual employees well would definitely spell doom. Because when you ignore the tell-tale signs of managing your virtual assistant well, there’s […]

Smart Tips to Finding Your Virtual Assistant

One of the most often asked questions on the subject of virtual assistant staffing is where to find and hire the best employees from the virtual world. As those we’ve talked to since founding Big Outsource back in 2010 admit, this is one aspect they once answered deliberately and carefully. Picking out of millions of […]

Want to Keep Virtual Employees Motivated? Use These 6 Tips

One of the bigger challenges opened up by outsourcing is how business leaders would stay caught up with their pool of virtual employees. More than ever now, keeping employees motivated, regardless of their physical and virtual locations, is something that employers should recognize how to do. Ensuring that staff culture thrives remains an important facet […]

7 Tasks to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

When it comes to building your business, your time matters more than anything. So instead of becoming the all-around-boss, it pays to devote your time doing the essential side of your entrepreneurial life and leave the rest to a virtual assistant or VA to do them for you. It’s just simple and plain smart to […]

Top 15 Tasks You Can Give to Your Virtual Assistant

  Outsourcing is simply one of the best cost-saving options you can get these days from a third party remote staff. As well as the quality and cost to account for, there’s the range of virtual assistant tasks that your remote personal assistant can do in your behalf. But it’s a very tricky affair which […]

Does Hiring a Virtual Assistant Makes You a Lazy Businessman

  Outsourcing lets business owners hire an offshore agency or virtual assistant to perform tasks or projects. Well, yes, this sounds good and a fact that almost everyone already knows. But recently there have been claims that the downside of hiring virtual assistant services is a surge in numbers of businessmen lazying or slacking off. […]