Top 15 Tasks You Can Give to Your Virtual Assistant


Outsourcing is simply one of the best cost-saving options you can get these days from a third party remote staff. As well as the quality and cost to account for, there’s the range of virtual assistant tasks that your remote personal assistant can do in your behalf.

But it’s a very tricky affair which tasks to offload, whether you’re a start up or a growing business.So before I introduce you to the more popular admin assistant works that you can outsource, what follows shortly are some factors to consider once you’re decided at hiring a virtual assistant.


Virtual Assistant vs.Freelancer


While a virtual assistant is technically a freelancer, but not all virtual assistants accept works on a freelance basis. I personally hire both freelancers and virtual assistants, each with tasks different from each other.

Here’s how they’re different. In our organization, we regard virtual assistants in almost the same way that we regard a regular employee – minus their physical presence of course. Our VA work either on a full-time (40 hours) or as a part-timer (20 hours a week) basis.

Due to this, we pay virtual assistants according to the amount of time they performed their VA jobs. On the other hand, we give payout to freelancers based on a per project basis and accomplishments.

Another difference is that a remote staff can perform multiple VA tasks during the time they’re paid to perform the VA tasks that you assign. A freelancer is often task to do a repetitive tasks and is often just a single job.

Hence, knowing the difference what a freelancer and a virtual assistant can do for you is important when going over your budget plans in view of your outsourcing binge.


Popular Virtual Assistant Tasks (1-5)


popular virtual assistant tasks


As the number of virtual assistants offering their services are growing, it should be a lot easier these days to find someone who fits your business organization or needs. With contract remote workers, you can use them perform plenty of VA tasks or VA jobs, including making customer service calls to sending sales emails to clients.

Hence, it’s important to establish trust and confidence with your virtual assistants in the same way you would with a full-time employee of your organization. So if you’re still not sure where to start – but already decided that a VA is right for you – we’ll first introduce you to the general virtual assistant tasks that you can outsource:


General Virtual Assistant – It’s the most common type of VA, with no special skills, but can do almost everything for you. Think of this kind as your virtual admin assistant or virtual office assistant in your organization. By doing a little bit of anything, they help you get the job done, especially the crucial business processes.


Content Writer Virtual Assistant – These are virtual assistants with specialized skills like content writing. As a virtual assistant, this writer can help provide you the content or blog you need all day long. This is especially the kind of personnel you need if you need intensive article writing jobs.


Web Developer Virtual Assistant – A virtual assistant who develops a website is not rare only plenty of options to find. These VA are skilled in building web presence and maintaining websites for you. There are also virtual assistantswho are knowledgeable of any advanced development frameworks, such as WordPress. Just ask and they may also be skilled in mounting system configurations, design and SEO.


Search Engine Optimization Virtual Assistant –There’s definitely no scarcity of virtual assistants whose specialty is search engine marketing or internet marketing. Their expertise involves ensuring that your website is search engine-friendly and optimized to rank in search engines.


Graphic Designer Virtual Assistant – If you need graphic design works for your marketing collaterals, websites or advertising banners, don’t worry, there’s a graphic designer virtual assistant to hire around. Depending on your needs, it is always best to get a virtual assistant to perform the VA tasks than a freelancer if what you need is not a one-time graphic design work.


Other Tasks to Outsource to Your Virtual Assistant (6-10)


Beside the above-mentioned most common virtual office assistant jobs that you can outsource, you’ll find a lot more tasks that you can offload to a remote admin assistant. These are the other common VA jobs around:


Bookkeeping – You can count on virtual assistants who are skilled in bookkeeping to take care of your bills and other payroll matters. With a trusted virtual admin assistant, you can share your bookkeeping systems and follow up on outstanding invoices and unpaid bills. can hand over some control and access to your accounts as well, including password.


Online Research – Some menial tasks such as researching over the web for items you need for your project can now be outsourced through a virtual assistant. You can also request to research for corporate legal frameworks, business contacts and potential employees.


Data Entry – To focus on your more strategic jobs, delegating some data entry works will absolutely come as not only smart but a feasible decision in the long run. Among the most common data entry tasks include migrating contact addresses or updating of your directory to keep it current.


Presentation Creation – When you need someone to summarize data or research findings that you will later need to be converted into a Powerpoint presentation, hiring a virtual assistant might come as a very reliable alternative. Preparing your presentations on your own is time-consuming simply because you need to be familiar with certain formats and quality standards, not to mention the grasp of data research.


Managing Emails – Hiring a virtual assistant who can help you manage and respond to emails can really be a time-saver. With a virtual admin assistant, you are freed the hassle of going over a hundreds or thousands of emails when what you actually need to respond to are less than 20 emails.


Even More Tasks for Virtual Assistants to Delegate (11-15)


Tasks for Virtual Assistants


Other things you can ask your virtual admin assistant do are as follows:


Social Media Management – Virtual assistants can handle and take care of all your social media brand pages. Whether it’s composing messages or creating photo quotes of inspiration to your followers in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you can bet your VA to perform all these VA jobs with gusto.


Calendaring and Scheduling – With your very busy schedule, you’ll find virtual assistant your reliable assistant to manage your calendar.


Event Planning –Planning an event can really be tough and time-consuming. Leverage your admin assistant’s event planning prowess and see your next party or corporate launch come to fruition.


Managing of Comments – As your website or blog grows, there’s a lot of comments to deal with. A virtual assistant who will be in charge of moderating comment can be vital in ensuring your reputation is properly managed.


Travel and Tours Research – Delegate the task of researching travel bookings, finding hotels and preparing trip itineraries when you are planning on a business trip or for pleasure.


If you’re already outsourcing your organization’s menial jobs, what kind of virtual assistant tasks do you delegate?