Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing Social Media Management


There’s almost nothing that you can’t outsource these days, including your social media works. And if you’re planning but still not sure, here’s an article to provide you with additional insights on the most available options, risks and critical benefits of outsourcing social media.

And I will not hide the mixed reactions people throw against outsourcing. As many remark about the good, the negative impressions grew even further with regard to social media management.So we’ll now take a look, one-by-one what are the remarkable benefits of social media management.


Soaring Global Consumption of Social Media


global social media


Call centers are receiving flak lately from customers who’ve grown tired and have bad experiences from unhelpful agents. As customers sought for more accessible means to voice their sentiments and queries, online customer services suddenly emerged as a plausible option.

A 2011 survey by ComScore backed the realities of call center gaffes and misgivings, adding where 82% of the world’s online population are turning to these days – social media. These users apparently spend a fifth of their online time clicking the pages of their fave social networking pages.

On Facebook alone – which now accounts to 15% of the entire world’s population – 1.1 billion are said to be active on a monthly basis. Hence, the extend of potential customer reached through social media cannot be discounted as irrelevant.

With these, companies – big and small – are turning to social media platforms to engage their customers with quality and compelling brand message. It’s costly, of course and time-consuming also. Composing a message, creating photo covers and responding to comments can really be demanding of your and your existing staff’s time.

Thanks to outsourcing, someone can now manage social media pages for you as you wait for your efforts to yield both tangible and intangible benefits for your business.


Should I Hire A Social Media Manager or Assistant?


hire a social media manager


We belong to an era when social media has dramatically changed the way small businesses engage their customers.Today, it’s also no longer just the big, resources-rich brands who can dominate the realm of advertising and marketing to better engage their customers.

Almost anyone with big ambition, commitment and strategy can make their social media presence utterly compelling and engaging. Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are pretty making it easier for small businesses to reach their business goals and grow more edgy in facing the giant brands of the marketplace.

Small- to medium-scale enterprises can only succeed if they can grasp the most desirable options to seize the benefits of social media management. You also need to answer to a couple of questions either a “Yes” or “No” to common perception and notions about outsourcing your social media brand presence:

  • It’s too risky to outsource to others the management of your brand image.
  • The one and only individual passionate about serving your customers is you alone.
  • You know your business too well and no one else as you do.

Although these can be counted as pretty valid reasons (excuses!) for not hiring or outsourcing a social media manager, I will entertain a more flexible and lenient answer. I, for one, would give a “Yes” for an answer but under certain conditions.


Outsourcing Benefits of Social Media Management


The benefits of social media management outsourcing are just too hard to ignore and sacrifice. But considering whom to outsource your social media must be properly address to be effective.


Time Efficiency

Time Efficient


Some costs are intangibles like time and energy. By outsourcing the responsibility of social media management, you could actually be effective in achieving time efficiency.

Just imagine how much outsourcing your social media management saves you or your team: it can be an hour a week that can add up to 52 hours comes the end of the year. This extra week can be utilized to more profitable endeavors of your venture.


Save Costs


cost savingWhile hiring a third party service provider means you’ll be required to fork some cash, it’s all worth paying for someone who’ll be responsible in managing your social networking accounts, however.

Listen out. When you divide your time to your core and non-core business processes, isn’t it frustrating to realize that you didn’t really accomplished much? Even how much you project you’re getting or saving, the truth will just boomerang to you its resounding siren: “No!”

This feeling of getting to overwhelmed with the thought of accomplishing much will eventually take its toll. Unfortunately it will weigh down your revenue and profit margins. So here’s one very important benefit of hiring an outsourced social media expert.


Access to Professional Marketers


access to professionalsToday, you can hire someone who’s knowledgeable enough to provide engaging content marketing for just a fraction of the cost it takes to pay a local social media marketing expert. You can also expect your outsourced staff to manage responses and keep up with the evolving social media platform.

As a small business, hiring an in-house full-time social media professional other than your marketing staff can be an extra burden financially. So far, it’s outsourcing that’s your best option.


Increased Posting Speed


Increase Posting SpeedOperating in a 24-hour real-time world is much different than it were during the pre-Internet and social media eras. To engage your customers a bit faster, you need to keep an always-on mode to reach out to them. Messages need to be sent faster.

When you publish at a faster rate, you’ll be able to gain more retweets and shares faster. Outsourcing your social media works can help you achieve this goal. Being your speedy best will allow your fans to click the share button almost simultaneously as well. The outcome is more people getting to read your message in less time.


Louder Voice


Louder VoiceOne particular benefit of outsourcing your social media is a more empowered brand voice. This is better because you get access to each of your vendor marketer’s platforms, fans and followers. more of these resources become available for you, the louder your brand voice becomes.


Final Thoughts


It’s hard to simply ignore the benefits of outsourcing your social media now you know its impact to your overall business. If you presently feel ill-afford to hire or outsource during a financial slump, just remember what you’re missing: peace of mind.