Outsourcing IT Services: Five Steps for Business Success

Outsourcing can bring tremendous benefits when properly used and understood fully well. Organizations outsourcing their business and IT processes shouldn’t expect the strategy to miraculously act as the ‘panacea’ but a bridge to help in their search for rare talent and access to innovation. This brings us to the bottomline of our story: outsourcing customers […]

Australian Firms Told Not to Hold Back Outsourcing Plans to Seize Benefits

Among large or small businesses, outsourcing carries a negative or scary connotation of foreign-based support, local jobs being migrated to a developing country, and an overall assault to the American economy. While it’s true outsourcing allows for companies to get better outcome at a cheaper rate than their local counterparts, the practice of business process […]

Relationship and Talent Acquisition: Keys to Future Sustainability of Outsourcing?

With the much-praised bullish growth prospects cast over the Philippine Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, it is hard not to get excited. It’s as if there’s nothing more that the Philippines must do to prove that it’s the best destination to outsource any kind of services. The business of outsourcing is still young in a […]

Philippine Outsourcing Sector Piles 18% Revenue Growth in 2012

An interesting data released recently showed once again the relentless growth of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry of the Philippines. Here’s the takeaways from the report: The industry posted 18% revenue growth to $13 billion in 2012 from $11 billion in 2011. There is a workforce growth of 21.8% to 780,000 in 2012 from […]

More Investment in Talent is Key to Achieve High Performance in Outsourcing

Both the business process outsourcing firms and the buyers can get the full potential of the business strategy if they will increase investment on developing their talent pool. This was the result of a survey made by HfS research study about the emergence of a phenomenon called “talent paradox.” The report is 32 pages long, […]

Philippine Call Center Sector Reaches 20% Revenue Growth

The year 2012 proved to be an upbeat year for the call center industry after the Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) reported that the sector grew about 20 percent against the growth target of 15 percent. Despite the appreciation of the peso, the strong performance was considered a big news to an industry […]

Fortune 100 firm eyes Philippines for expansion plans

Safeway, one of the largest food and drug retailers based on sales in the United States is eyeing the Philippines as a strategic destination to expand its global operations, according to the Department of Trade and Industry. The opportunities in the business outsourcing industry sector that can add significant value to the global operation of […]

Philippine cities climb in offshore IT destination ranking

After being touted as the ‘next call center capital of the world’ by some high profile media establishments like Al Jazeera and The New York Times ,  there’s a new name that the Philippine’s being called lately – an alternative offshore IT hub. No wonder, the recent survey of IT and outsourcing consultancy Tholons rank Manila […]

Manila Beats Delhi in New IT Outsourcing Ranking

Manila is now the third favorite outsourcing destination to send IT works, replacing New Delhi. Cebu, another Philippine city, went up one rank in the top ten. The Philippines has exceeded the 5.6 year-on-year growth targets to post 6.6 percent improvement in the economy. Meanwhile in the fourth quarter of last year, the country has […]

Philippines’ call center image is improving – Al Jazeera

The Philippines continues to sizzle as a hot outsourcing hub favored by most companies in the U.S. and Australia. Al Jazeera cited the country’s stable geopolitical climate, skilled and competitive workforce, and low cost of doing business as reasons it deserve the new title – the Call Center Capital of the World. Not blind to […]