Outsourcing PR and Social Media: Top 3 Reasons It’s Smart

As a brand manager, you have not a single but plenty of brand accounts to manage. While you are in charge of the daily social media, marketing and customer service efforts of one brand, you thought handling two or three more accounts can be too draining of your energy and time can any real and measurable customer engagement yields. If you are a manager or a business leader with business in Australia, this scenario might look familiar to you. So who are you going to call?

Outsourcing public relations and social media can be a smart move after all to compete in your sector in Australia. In fact, there is no strict rule that it is only your voice-based technical support or IT needs that you can send to an offshore location as often the notion is. Plus, if we will trace the meaning of outsourcing, we can never be farther to what we actually need – a means of “obtaining goods or service from a third-party supplier in place of an internal resource.”

So now on what account will outsourcing PR and social media efforts of your company becomes a smart move? Here are three reasons:


1. Outsourcing PR and social media is cost-effective.

Cost savings always prop up as the No. 1 smart reason why outsourcing is necessary. Public relations works are expensive, at most, PR and social media professionals are a rare breed these days. You know that with rising demand and the talent scarcity, hiring a local professional is expensive. Much more if you are gunning to hire someone with 8-10 years of experience, their salary can be into the low six figures (and we’re not yet talking of benefits and taxes). The tendency then is for businesses to maximise their investments to a local hire.

When you outsource, just imagine the potential to grow your business to even greater heights. For a small fraction of the price that you pay to a PR and social media outsourcing provider, you get a team of experts with equal capabilities, skillsets and experience. At the Manila office of Big Outsource, we make sure that each account gets a complete set of account executive, coordinator and a social media specialist. As is often the case, for the same price as an entry-level to mid-level employee, you can get an outsourcing company that can provide you with professional public relations team.


2. It’s time-saving.

Especially if you are small and resources-scarce, admit that you tried squeezing into your very short time span managing multiple accounts but you end up doing less. You might also ask the same question to an agency or an outsourcing firm about the plethora of accounts and ever having plenty of time to get everything done.

That’s a valid inquiry but the reality is far from the often negative assumptions about outsourcing. In fact, outsourcing your PR and social media job would bring more focus to tasks, paving for more projects to be completed efficiently. On your end, you can now cut on internal non-strategic business functions that you use to juggle with your short time.


3. It’s results-Oriented.

Getting focus is precious. And one way to get your desired focus in managing all the business functions of your startup or mid-sized enterprise is by outsourcing. When you outsource such functions to an outside company, you let an outsourced professional spend their time working on your task for them, which they really love or passionate about. Likewise, you allow yourself to spend quality time and expertise to do your work. In the end, you get to build a strong team that is more than capable of improving your bottomline and generating results. The same scenario is applicable to hiring or outsourcing a public relations and social media professional or team.

Most PR professionals consider their work the type that they can spend their whole life doing. They are bound to be better and improve their networking skills the more that they age in this profession, plus they are most helpful because naturally they leverage other clients and areas of expertise to your benefit. Outsourcing then a PR and social media expert is efficient, cost-effective and a sure-fire way to get results. Getting one can even help take your firm to the next level!