10 Free SEO Tools to Improve Your Website Ranking

Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the most utilized of the many different types of digital marketing initiatives. Defined as the practice of increasing organic website traffic, SEO is also the least expensive content marketing option there is. SEO is a long and exhaustive process, however. Its application requires patience and dedication, as […]

Is Guest Blogging Bad For Your Site?

There’s nothing more interesting for us working in the digital marketing space than getting a heap of assurance about what we‘re doing, to be specific guest blogging. Is it a good thing for business or is guest blogging bad for your site? Earlier this year, Matt Cutts stirred the entire web with his odd decree […]

10 Tips on How to Hire an Effective SEO Agency in the Philippines

Optimizing brands for search engines can be very tough and costly because there are just too many websites and blogs competing for the same or similar keywords. While attempting to do it themselves can be pretty helpful initially, however it is by hiring an SEO expert where businesses can reap strong return on investment in […]

How Google’s Hummingbird Will Redefine the Future of SEO

“Hummingbird” may have been a type of a very small nectar-feeding bird that’s able to fly and hover backwards. Its name was derived from the humming sounds it produced due to the rapid vibrations of its wings. But Google may have found even deeper qualities in the species to name its latest algorithm to this […]

What Encrypted Keyword Data Means for Online Marketing, SEO

  The bomb has been dropped. Google is encrypting 100% of all keyword searches. It seems, Google is no longer happier with just keeping private the searches made by users who are signed in. That’s old cat, until this! Apparently this means that when you search to look for sites to visit – whether signed […]

10 Small Business SEO Tips You Won’t Want to Miss

  Some predicted that the future is digital. It’s fixed, it’s destined. Small businesses, no less, should expect that the future web will be as overcrowded and hyper-competitive. Enter small business SEO or search engine optimization, which by the way is a very important part of small business marketing. If content is king, SEO is […]