Big Outsource: Your Startup-friendly Outsourcing Services Provider

Time and time again, Outsourcing is a business process or business strategy that has been proven itself as a unique solution that offers innumerable benefits to a business.

There are undeniable benefits to outsourcing, from slashing expenditures, bringing in new cash streams, to discovering new talent at short notice, that companies are realizing from their investments in the process.

Even brands and world-renowned companies in almost all industries right now have taken advantage of outsourcing in one form or another. Very few would complain that outsourcing is not yielding the return from their investment into this process. Outsourcing has become one of the most indispensable business practice to operate a small or larger team smartly, especially for those who know how to utilize it properly.

Why there is Backlash?

More recently, some quarters are criticizing outsourcing as a process that could only work for businesses that are already successful. But these claims are unfounded. These unsubstantiated rumors are what cause startups to veer away when they hear the word “outsourcing”.

The truth of the matter is that startups, more than any other, are the ones who stand to gain the most from the right kind of outsourcing partnership, which is exactly what Big Outsource, one of the premier business process outsourcing firms from the Philippines, promises to deliver.

When you make a quick search on the internet, you will be shown a long list of large outsourcing firms that are currently dominating the outsourcing scene. It will be remiss to notice that these BPO firms have their services and pricing structure specifically tailored to cater to clients with deep pockets. In short, any of these BPO companies is not exactly a good fit for a new business looking for cost-efficient ways to outsource processes.

Big Outsource, on the other hand, keeps a commendable track record when it comes to helping small businesses, especially those who handle crucial projects that would have otherwise proven difficult.

Larger BPO Firms Can be Intimidating for Startups

When you learned about the requirements more established outsourcing service providers give, it can come off as a little intimidating and frustrating, especially for smaller and starting businesses. From the minimum staff limit to the hefty charges they give, the experience of finding the best partner can look daunting.

Larger “mainstream” outsourcing firms, as mentioned above, are used to engaging with even bigger companies and have accordingly established their list of minimum requirements. For companies with bigger larger staffing requirements, for example, they would need quite a number of agents to outsource from a third-party outsourcing firm and assign into their project. Setting such sizeable minimum staffing requirement is common among larger BPO companies.

For this matter, smaller outsourcing providers like Big Outsource enters. Whether your business is looking for three virtual assistants and two copywriters, or you want to hire one back office support agent, Big Outsource will be pleased to provide the assistance. In short, as long as the services requested are within the company’s scope of expertise, the company is willing to go the extra mile.

Flexibility as a BPO Differentiator

Another factor that could be a little off-putting among startups or smaller businesses planning to outsource from a larger outsourcing service providers is the long list of rules and policies it imposes among outsourcers.

Bigger or more established BPOs have their standard operating procedures already set in stones that smaller companies might not be ready to meet or not yet capable of supplying. These practices only makes= sense for the target companies they are targeting to get as clients that smaller firms can only dream of.

Meanwhile, outsourcing solutions providers like Big Outsource have terms and conditions that it and its clientele can both agree on. After all, what truly matters at the negotiating table is how both parties could mutually benefit from the outsourcing partnership, without hidden charges or costs.

In the outsourcing industry, the more an outsourcing company is able to customize services to the specific needs of their client, which makes customers happy, the more that the industry becomes an attractive solution to the industry as a whole.

Cost-Effective Solutions Do Make Clients Happy

It may be a simplistic analogy but outsourcing for a startup company should be approached the same way as one would approach shopping for a bag for the best bang for your buck. It will always be a smarter choice to purchase a bag of good quality and affordability than its branded counterpart.

But just because you are gunning to get the offered outsourcing services for a dirt cheap price tag doesn’t mean you should settle for anything less – the quality of hires or subpar performing talent.

But the whole equation changes once there is an option to have the same kind of service or product for less but of greater quality. Of course, the no-brainer choice would be to shop or jump into the best option around.

For startups and SMEs, getting their outsourcing processes from larger outsourcing firms are definitely costly. The prominent name alone of those service providers automatically give them the license to bring their prices super high.

Brand names, just like signature clothing and bags, are costly even though the quality might come off as questionable or less superior to other brands. For this reason alone, it is not surprising to find the trend of smaller to medium-sized companies going after business process outsourcing companies like Big Outsource, which offers not only quality but also affordability that bring in enough return to their investments.

Big Outsource Gives Hands-on Approach

When you are just one of the hundreds of other client-accounts that bigger outsourcing providers are accommodating, there is even greater chance to be overlooked, if not neglected. The relationship from provider to client also tends to be too pragmatic and businesslike, sticking rigidly to the fine print of the contract. There seems to be a manifesto encouraged that as long as the agreed-upon quota is hit, the partnership is successful. End of story.

BPO companies like Big Outsource, however, takes the reasonable route of putting the interest of their clients on top of their priorities. They want to make sure that their partners are doing well, and they would even go the extra mile just to make sure their clients are happy and content with the services being provided.

Outstanding service in Big Outsource puts the emphasis on practices that promote client retention and making them happy. So what happens is that every affiliate’s project is overseen with keen care and effort.

IN SUM, well-known outsourcing names and brands are not always the best options. In contrast to smaller companies like Big Outsource, which tend to offer cheaper, more flexible service packages for as long as they best suit their partners’ best interest, who knows they are the yet to be tapped hidden gems of the outsourcing industry.