Big Outsource Goes Live

Today we’re launching our blog alongside the new site. Starting today, we’ll feature news and industry trends about the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in the Philippines and everything that’s related to its phenomenal growth.

This blog will also highlight some corporate developments in terms of expansion plans, job openings, promotions, and more. Thus, the Big Outsource blog is every bit about us and what we aspire to achieve and offer in the burgeoning BPO sector in the Philippines.

Enter our short short history about how we started as an outsourcing player. From being a digital agency several years ago, we are convinced putting up our outsourcing business will resolve some of our concerns in recruiting top Filipino talents.

In waiting for the right timing for few years we’ve arrived to this point. Combined with our persistent desire, passion, optimism and hardwork, we thought this is the time – to dive in the waters of outsourcing.

Finally, we are one of the players in the offshoring space. Armed with our always positive spirits, professionalism and dedication, a few years of waiting is now getting its most awaited debut in the offshoring side of business.

For the meantime, head on to our main Big Outsource website and explore who we are, where we are located, what we envision to do with our business and eventually contribute to society in general.

Don’t forget to watch our Big Whys videos. They all pretty explain why you should choose us, why the Philippines is a hot outsourcing hub, and why outsourcing is worth giving a try.

Explore the Solutions section of the site where you’ll see outsourcing solutions which are diverse, tried and tested. Currently our outsourcing solutions are four but you can either get just one or a combination of the other services that we offer depending on the context of your business.

The Disciplines section list down the services you can get from Big Outsource. It’s there you’ll discover we do not limit the services that we offer. We are not only hiring and recruiting the best call center talents.

We also look for the best and most competitive content creators such as writers, copywriters and transcriptionists to create content for your website. We also have other experts who specialize in the development and design of website and mobile experiences.

These and more important and good news will be circulated around our blog. So please join us in this ride.