3 Key Benefits of Call Center Outsourcing

Businesses from the United States, UK, and Australia looking for affordable yet quality voice service solutions rely on call centers in the Philippines to answer their customer support requirements. Partnering with a qualified Asian vendor presents critical benefits of call center outsourcing.

One of the nightmares many companies worry about (from a customer service standpoint) is for their call center to go down. What if the calls are not being answered? What if your customers form a negative impression of your organization and post those on their social media timelines? You know right away where this is going: your productivity suffers.

Collaborating with call center service providers can afford you with cost-effective benefits – from reliability to structural flexibility, you name it. So, choosing whether to manage internally your call center or to outsource to a third party will surely depend on the context of your business.

In this blog post, we’ll find out why investing in this business strategy could be the best decision your organization could take.


The most obvious benefit your organization can derived from outsourcing your call center needs is … cost savings. For small to midsize companies, staffing and managing their own call center can be daunting, as well as costly. The outsourced partner usually takes charge of recruiting, training and retaining call agents, which could help save on these human resources management costs.

The operational expenses of operating their own call center may not be worthwhile for companies that do not sell highly-technical products and services that require in-depth knowledge. Outsourcing to a call center can help you avoid the costs of capital investments, such as quality call monitoring systems, CRM software, chat support integration with your own website, and more, however.

Seasonal Flexibility

When you have signed up an outsourced partner, you know you have a support which really comes in handy during your peak season. When you have chosen a call center partner with established focus on providing contact support solutions, rest assured that you have a vendor that can handle the higher volume of calls during your peak seasons.

Scalability for Growth

Letting your outsourcing partner handle your call center functions give you extra liberty to focus on your company’s core components while allowing you to address crucial issues at hand. The other things you can do when you outsource is ensure more time and energy for you to develop your products, customer acquisition, marketing campaigns, and other critical success drivers. Outsourcing then can help you expand faster to cope with increased call volume.

Why our Clients Outsource to Big Outsource?

Our clients at Big Outsource often return to us with a good news. They often tell us the fast growth they experienced after outsourcing their call support operations to us.

By outsourcing their inbound and/or outbound calls to Big Outsource, they cited couple reasons. Here are just a few of these reasons: that we’ll look in more depth below:

  • Cost and resource allotment. Just like any business, you spend money to make money and make sure you make every cent count. This is why we designed different contract options with our clients – from hourly billing or any specialized arrangement that suit our client’s business needs.Once our client signed a contract with us, we make sure that our transactions are transparent and let them their expenditures. This way, they can prepare their budget plans to support heir customer call operations.

    Another benefits our clients cited about outsourcing to a third party is that such allow them to put a cap from unexpected expenses (i.e., costly overtime charges) while giving them more freedom in scheduling.

  • Competition in the Labor MarketNowadays, there are so many international cities that experience labor booms and what challenges these pose to employers, such as compete for employees. When your business is located in larger cities, this can be a pretty expensive battle.

    Big Outsource is based in the Philippines yet we are situated in one of the country’s newest emerging economies, San Pablo City. Our clients save money by outsourcing their non-core labor in our company, a different geographical area. To ensure our call center agents are well-taken cared for, we offer our agents a full range of benefits and competitive wages, along with appropriate trainings, retention programs. We also make sure that from within employees get promoted.

  • Shared Philosophy on Customer ServiceHaving customer service goals you and your outsourcing partner share is crucial for long-term success. Companies would more naturally entrust to a vendor with trained professionals to handle their calls with care, and ones that can seamlessly emulate their internal customer service teams.

    At Big Outsource, we make sure that we scale our call support team to handle our clients’ busy periods, be available to make or take calls in the evenings, or be there to assist you on the weekends. Our strict quality assurance are in place to help evaluate the team and their performance.

    As a matter of policy, we make sure that we don’t let our agents to take a phone call and then they juggle helping two people at once. We can imagine how it feels to be that person calling in who reach for a live agent, then left on hold or leaving a message only to wonder if you’ll hear back.

  • Geographical DiversityWhen you outsource from a company based in another region or country than yours, this means you can often be in a different regions or weather patterns from your vendor. This can also allow you to split support between locations for additional coverage whenever necessary.

    This is most helpful when you are based in countries where during winter, you would expect to experience record-breaking snowfall. You can let your outsourcing partner from another geographical side pull together their resources so if you have in-house call support, you can let them go home before the storm hits.

Finally, what does it all means

These are just a few reasons we can cite as helpful benefits of outsourcing your call center work. Our hope is that this article provide helpful insights into the importance such business decisions are made. Our clients choose Big Outsource not only for our affordability, but also our flexibility while not compromising on quality so that you can focus on your internal efforts, such as while developing your new products while we handle your call volume.

If you want a win-win scenario and why outsourcing works, consider the above-mentioned reasons discussed. By considering and asking questions why invest in outsourcing call center, you are a company which is planning for your future.