Why you should focus on customer engagement?

Customer relationship, man. Sure, it’s definitely one of the more important aspects of business today. From the iPhone maker Apple to coffee chain Starbucks, their visionary leaders have realized growth is achievable by ensuring they make customers satisfied. Unless you live in a planet where being rude will earn you more loyal customers, you can reject the need for a strong client-customer engagement.

Even for us in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector, we know that managing customer relationship is important. Customer satisfaction is crucial to a company’s growth. That is one of the reasons we employ efforts that will bring us closer to our clients, and vice-versa.

A recent PriceWaterHouseCoopers research, in fact, support this claim. For one, the study revealed that in today’s business landscape, more and more business leaders are rallying their organizations to include “customers” in their investment priorities this year.

Observers, however, find that customers are king. Compared before, they enjoy far more liberty nowadays. They can walk away even from an already established relationship if their needs are not met. As well as the the availability of choices, customers are king.

To leverage customer relationship even more, here’s some takeaways on how you can integrate customer relationship management to your business:

  • Establish customer-centered organization. Just think of the outcome when you have a differentiated customer experience: stronger brand, bigger market share, and better competitive advantage. Use that end to justify that what you need right now is to focus on building a customer-centred organization. Create a customer experience strategy that will apply all the principles of customer engagement to your marketing, sales, service and operations forces.
  • Use digital trends to realize growth. There’s no escaping to the undeniable change brought about by the intersection of social media, mobile, and customer relationship. These changes in the digital landscape is now dictating the standard on how business should be done. In return, customers are now expecting more. Your clients in the outsourcing business will expect you to provide them with seamless interaction across multiple platforms and channels. Don’t disappoint them by not offering or using these new means to engage your customers. Use these digital platforms to add dimension to your engagement and not limit your capabilities.
  • Measure your customer engagement ROI.  Make sure it’s worth all your investments in superior customer experiences. Remember too that your sales and marketing must be accounted as investments and not costs so that you can measure your goals’ impact on the bottom line. Realize that when you invest in activities that will strengthen your brand and the improve customer experience, your profits and shareholder value will be measurable. That way, you’ll be able to determine whether or not your sales and marketing investments are successful.