Hiring a Payroll Virtual Assistant

Are you a startup that outsource your payroll service? Are you planning of hiring a virtual payroll assistant? Using a payroll service company can ease you of compliance woes with global standards around financial, accounting and payroll matters. Ernst & Young auditor Stephen Dunn wrote in Forbes Magazine explains the categories of payroll service companies […]

Non-Voice Business Process Outsourcing: Is this the ‘Hidden Jewel’ for Philippines?

After earning a spot as the most sought after offshore destination in the voice-based outsourcing sector, the Philippines got another reason to rejoice. The country’s non-voice business process outsourcing (BPO) is seen as another gold mine for growth and opportunities. In the past years, the Philippine outsourcing space recorded impressive growth figures. Just last year, […]

Business Process Outsourcing Solutions to Watch by Year 2016

Australian companies wishing to control operational costs often resort to an offshore service providers who perform their administrative or non-strategic support functions. The modern business is evolving and business process outsourcing or BPO is quite the latest business practice darling known for giving businesses the strategic support they need to be competitive. Trends to watch […]

Making Lean Culture Work in Talent Acquisition of Outsourcing Ventures

Lean culture is a management principle that’s often applied in the manufacturing sector. Its standout followers include Walmart, Southwest Airlines and GE Healthcare. But can Lean principle ever be applied in the business process of outsourcing, particularly for talent acquisition? This is an argument once popped by Zachary Misko and has even written an article […]

Australian SMEs Should Try Outsourcing

Outsourcing has received a bad rap in the past years among Australian businesses, including SMEs, due to the fear of the unknown. The good news is that we have seen massive changes in perception in recent years from negative to positive. While most of Australia’s large banking and telecommunication firms have jumped ship to follow […]

More Investment in Talent is Key to Achieve High Performance in Outsourcing

Both the business process outsourcing firms and the buyers can get the full potential of the business strategy if they will increase investment on developing their talent pool. This was the result of a survey made by HfS research study about the emergence of a phenomenon called “talent paradox.” The report is 32 pages long, […]

Bright Future Ahead Philippine Game Development

If Filipino video game developers rise to the challenge, the Philippines has the potential to seize the bigger share of the projected US$30 billion the video game development sector in the Asia-Pacific region will likely generate by 2016. The country reportedly has earned US$70 million from late 2011 to early 2012 alone based in the […]

Demand for Outsourcing Mobile App Development Services Seen Growing

Mobile will continue to be relevant this year and the foreseeable future as smartphone and tablet based-device penetration continue to increase. Observers saw the trend to accelerate even higher along with companies who will seize the promise offered by outsourcing mobile app development services to countries like the Philippines. The impact of a movement gearing […]