Hiring a Payroll Virtual Assistant

Are you a startup that outsource your payroll service? Are you planning of hiring a virtual payroll assistant? Using a payroll service company can ease you of compliance woes with global standards around financial, accounting and payroll matters. Ernst & Young auditor Stephen Dunn wrote in Forbes Magazine explains the categories of payroll service companies […]

Outsourcing IT Services: Five Steps for Business Success

Outsourcing can bring tremendous benefits when properly used and understood fully well. Organizations outsourcing their business and IT processes shouldn’t expect the strategy to miraculously act as the ‘panacea’ but a bridge to help in their search for rare talent and access to innovation. This brings us to the bottomline of our story: outsourcing customers […]

Australian Firms Told Not to Hold Back Outsourcing Plans to Seize Benefits

Among large or small businesses, outsourcing carries a negative or scary connotation of foreign-based support, local jobs being migrated to a developing country, and an overall assault to the American economy. While it’s true outsourcing allows for companies to get better outcome at a cheaper rate than their local counterparts, the practice of business process […]

Business Process Outsourcing Solutions to Watch by Year 2016

Australian companies wishing to control operational costs often resort to an offshore service providers who perform their administrative or non-strategic support functions. The modern business is evolving and business process outsourcing or BPO is quite the latest business practice darling known for giving businesses the strategic support they need to be competitive. Trends to watch […]

Making Lean Culture Work in Talent Acquisition of Outsourcing Ventures

Lean culture is a management principle that’s often applied in the manufacturing sector. Its standout followers include Walmart, Southwest Airlines and GE Healthcare. But can Lean principle ever be applied in the business process of outsourcing, particularly for talent acquisition? This is an argument once popped by Zachary Misko and has even written an article […]

How to Grow your Business with an Independent Contractor

The economic uncertainties coupled with rising competition in the marketplace create tremendous challenge for businesses – large and small – to cope. Some companies opt to delay hiring new staff while they wait for the “right time” for the market to stabilize. Remember that you have some existing projects and your clients are waiting for […]

Growing your Outsourcing Business Using Brand Repositioning Tactics (Part 1)

Significant changes are shaping the outsourcing industry in recent years. The outsourcing boom has brought in new entrants and of course competition. Hence, Business Process Outsourcing and IT services companies must re-evaluate their branding to succeed and achieve greater profitability.   Yes, there is growth. If there’s one industry where the sun is shining brightest, […]

Is Outsourcing included in your corporate strategy?

Short quiz! What are the advantages of adopting outsourcing model in your corporate strategy? a) cost reduction; b) improve process; c) access to innovation and; d) talent. If you answer all four choices, you got it all correct and you pretty understand how this strategy works. If outsourcing is not yet part of your organization’s […]

Australian SMEs Should Try Outsourcing

Outsourcing has received a bad rap in the past years among Australian businesses, including SMEs, due to the fear of the unknown. The good news is that we have seen massive changes in perception in recent years from negative to positive. While most of Australia’s large banking and telecommunication firms have jumped ship to follow […]

Relationship and Talent Acquisition: Keys to Future Sustainability of Outsourcing?

With the much-praised bullish growth prospects cast over the Philippine Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, it is hard not to get excited. It’s as if there’s nothing more that the Philippines must do to prove that it’s the best destination to outsource any kind of services. The business of outsourcing is still young in a […]