Software Development Ideas for the Innovative Mind


In less than a decade or so, the tech spotlight has turned to mobile-specific innovations. What this pose for companies is not only competition but meeting user demands. The challenge grows deeper for business owners to develop even more innovative products that will replace their former best inventions.

With software development being central to both web and mobile platforms, it is nonetheless, worthwhile to look for more ways to juice ideas that never run short in supply for the innovative minds.


Bigger Demands Meet Innovative Ideas

See if this equation looks familiar to you:


software development ideas

Among tech-savvy entrepreneurs, technology professionals and software development companies, merging creativity and innovation really equates to success. In many respect yes, but before creativity and innovation can ever be applied, ideas must come first.

The spotlight in mobile software development has not only transformed the mobile operating system landscape for iOS and Android-based operating systems. It also ushered deeper user engagement that brought along rising demand and more impatient customers to download or use mobile applications that suit their tastes and necessities.

Users reception to the new Apple smartphone models, iPhone5C and iPhone5S, is our most recent example of how demanding people have become when it comes to what they perceive as lack of more innovation. Some even called Apple not innovating enough or no longer living up to the legacy of its visionary co-founder, the deceased Steven P. Jobs.

Google’s Android, which enjoys a much widespread public appeal, is also not spared by users bashing and criticizing the downsides of its fragmented ecosystem. People want more innovation, clamoring for more more and more out-of-the-box software development breakthroughs and inventions.

So what ideas and strategies must be carried out to become more innovative in software development?


Ideas in Software Development that are Keys to Innovative Thinking


In any manner that’s prescribed businesses to look at it, mapping a clear strategy is a must. This should also be foremost when generating software development ideas. Business growth and success will depend on both ideas and strategies that can respond to the challenges posed by the business climate, competition and user demands and expectations, and more of the likes.

Here are important ideas to create robust and viable software development innovations today:


Educating Geeks Beyond Coding

We know the geek archetypes: slave programmers who write all day writing codes in front of the computers. Their passion in application development is beyond compare. When you look at the source codes, you will marvel at their clean slates that are free of bugs and other impurities.
However, there is much more to coding than all these. Some of these programmers are unaware of the business side of their works. Often, they forget that operating systems or applications are meant to be used by ordinary users and not fellow programmers.
Hence, it is an important idea that programmers are taught about the importance of user persona first thing during the software development process. This way, they have the clearest idea to whom you are trying to market your mobile or web-based software or application. And when programmers are aware of buyer persona, the whole process of development can be carried out more smoothly than it ever was.


Keep Software or Application Free and Easy

Releasing your application for the first time and convincing people to use it is never easy. Promoting and marketing to let people know of your innovation may look easier on the pages but undertaking the the whole process is completely different. If you intend to sell your product, it will help giving out free demos, trials and even web-seminars.

Through these means, people get to use your product with little risks and obligations. While most may not immediately use your software, but what’s important at this stage is to gain exposure from being part of the discussion.


Collect the feedbacks and inputs from trial testers

From the strongest to the weakest attributes of your new release. Get your entire software development group to fix and debug the problems and you should be thankful that you’ve received these honest feedback early on.

Keep in mind that the whole process of software development starts with an innovative idea that can later on be meshed with strategic vision, design, expected user and buyer persona to the release of the product and marketing strategy.

After gathering feedbacks and inputs, it’s now time to bring the whole software development team in to list down which feedbacks to address first and work on building other issues iteratively.


Update, Release, Repeat

The so-called “perfect version” is arrived at incrementally. It is rare to achieve this the first time of your product release even how deeply committed or engaged each of your application development team members may be in writing and testing codes. With thousands of lines of codes, it is rare that all of you can easily spot every piece of bug hiding out there.

But note that you should not left all these issues lingering for long, your team must quickly address, fix and release a new and improved version as soon as your team can. By paying attention to your software development limitations, you are doing not only your team a favor but your customers as well. With every release and update of versions, your customers get the point – you care and pay attention to their needs.


Wrapping Up


Software development is a challenging endeavor. For business owners, the goal is to make buyers try out and purchase the application. Coming up with a marketing strategy can help achieving this purpose.

For the software programmers, however, their aim is to release bugs-free application. While wholly-impossible to release perfect software the first time, software developers are aware of their role to ensure that every feedbacks from users are useful in perfecting their output.

It is in this regard that innovative ideas in software development can bring the necessary help for all concerned to release a product that meets quality standards. The makings of a truly revolutionary application or software start from all parties being aware and concern first and foremost of their users.