Key Parameters for Evaluating Your Future Outsourcing Partner

Enterprises look into outsourcing specific business processes to Philippine BPO companies for the primary for the main reason this strategy is a more efficient means to achieve operational improvement as well as cost efficiency.

However, there are still risks to consider. Hence, it pays knowing what to look for from your outsourcing partner when outsourcing for the first time or the when signing up a vendor for the first time.

We, at Big Outsource, have listed some of the thing to check about your possible future outsourcing partner in order to reap the benefits and achieve optimal worth of your investment.

Check Online Repuation

Check the company background of your potential partner. The first step is googling for your prospective partners but should not end there.

Then look for the company’s LinkedIn brand page to see the basic list of their experience and how their clienteles regard them. Go check for recommendations and skills your prospective outsourcing vendor has been endorsed for by their clienteles.

If the clients of your prospective outsourcing company provided their contact details, reach out to those mutual contacts and ask for reference.

Ask for References

Your chosen outsourcing company should be able to provide you with solid reference. Don’t be afraid to reach out these clients and ask whether they were satisfied with the results accomplished? Do they have an existing contract with the company?

Some of your prospective companies have a solid list of references and case studies on their website which you can use to understand the process of the company.

It is still helpful to contact their roster of clients to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your possible future BPO partner.

Check Experience

Look into the qualification of your outsourcing vendor in terms of similar services you plan to outsource. Ask the numbers of completed projects, clients they have worked for and how intensive the projects were.

It will also help you make the right decision by asking for the management team experience and their qualifications in executing their projects. If you can go a step further, interact with team members prior to the signing of the outsourcing deal, do so especially if you would enter into a long-term contract.

Check for Samples of Their Work

One way to assess the quality of your potential outsourcing vendor’s work is to ask for their sample works and portfolio. This approach is helpful when you are hiring a virtual staff who will do some creative work for you, like website design, logo design, content articles, and the likes.

Usually you could get assess by looking at your potential vendor’s sample works the amount of time and effort they pour into assembling their portfolio and that only their best output has made the cut.

If the potential business process outsourcing vendor is digital marketing company, ask for their previous marketing campaigns as sample. Go check the originality of their idea, how well they executed the project plan, and well receive they got people to appreciate their work.

Ask for A Simple Task

There are some jobs that are more technical-leaning like IT, engineering and project management. In many cases, it is difficult to get samples due to the confidentiality agreements or contractts signed by your potential partner. Try to ask them do a simple task in order for you to test knowledge.

Make sure the test to be given to your potential partner will only entail a short period of time to complete in order to need to get a little insight on how your prospective partner handle tasks, and then ask what exactly your potential vendor is looking for.

Final Thought

When done right, outsourcing – which can be a very daunting effort – can be a potential time and money saver. If you do check upon your potential partner’s track record, references, and credentials well, you can expect your partnership to go as smoothly as possible.

While our tips above can help you get started whn looking for an outsourcing partner, the decision will have to be yours, however. Remember to sign only a long term contract with an outsourcing partner who you believe can provide you the best assurance of future success and worth of your investment.